Thursday, May 26, 2011

TEN Days of Creation. . .

I know it has been awhile since I posted - sorry about that, but I have been so busy! Between the girls, classes, the house and just life I have been going non-stop!

Last week I had had enough of the "hamster on the treadmill" thing and pretty much became a raging "BEEP" (insert bad word). So I decided I was just going to do some creating - wasn't sure what, but I knew I needed some "art therapy"!!!

So, here is what I came up with . . .

please note that with everything else that I is going on here I have been without a car for 2 weeks so I can't go anywhere - nothing is in walking distance from our house. So all of my creations have been made using my healthy stash of goodies! And all of this was made in 10 days!

This 1st item is for an upcoming class - I will be teaching a "how to use your Cricut" class next week and this is one of my sample projects. I love this picture I took of my Bug when she was just days old!

Next I have a quilt for my Niece Christine - she is having baby #2, another little girl. So I made her this quilt. Again - this is all from my stash!
It is a super simple quilt but to me it just screams - okay may whispers little girl with all of the white and just the touch of pink rosebuds in the center of each of the 30 blocks.

Next on my list of creations is the table-scape for Monkey & Bug's joint Birthday party.

I made 9 quilted placemats (fancy ones for the birthday girls and solids for the guests) a table runner, seat covers, a highchair banner and 12 ice cream cones for the chandelier! All from scraps and left overs from other projects! The only thing I had to buy was I sent Mom out for white thread - I ran out right before I finished!

We are doing a joint party for the girls this year - Bug will be 1 and Monkey will be 4 - their birthdays are just a week apart. Their Mom decided on a cupcake/ice cream cone theme with lots of pinks, teals and greens. I had a bunch of scraps left over from Bug's nursery and some aprons I made a year or so ago that were perfect for this theme. My table is quite large and it is hard to find tablecloths for, especially "fun" ones. In passing I told bryanna that I would make a runner and we could buy some cheap solid color placemats for the party. But once I got started I couldn't stop!!!! So the runner turned into a whole table-scape. The family all likes it and we decided we would start a new family tradition and get all of this out for each one of our birthdays when we get together for dinner. How fun does that sound?!?!

So this is Monkey's special placemat

Bryanna was worried about my table top being protected (that is how the runner/place mat thing started) I was worried about my upholstery!!!! So after the runner and the "special place mat" I decided that seat covers would be a great idea - after all I had enough scraps!

After the runner, the "special place mat" and the seat covers I started thinking "I have enough fabric still to make solid place mats for the guests" so back to the sewing machine I went!

Then it was time to make something fun and festive to hang from the chandelier - why not ice cream cones???? I found this idea on Joann's website about 3 years ago and held onto the idea knowing that at some point these would be the perfect touch for something. . . well they are PERFECT for this!!!! Again, no shopping all from stash!

Aren't they just happy and festive!

Just a fabric covered styrofoam ball and a cone made from cardstock ran through the Cuttlebug.

Bug wont be using her placemat this year so I decorated the edge of her highchair tray with papers and a banner cut with my Cricut. The little letters are all cut from glitter paper - I hate glitter but this really works on this!

So I finally left the house (for Christine's baby shower - Bryanna drove) and I had Bryanna stop me by a scrapbook store where I found this great paper for a book for their party! It is a paper collection by my hero - Martha Stewart!!!! Again LOTS of glitter on this collection but it was perfect! There were only 2 different papers so I had to do a lot of "filling in" with other papers and there were no embellishments so I have been fussy cutting all of the images from the paper it's self. I of course have been using my MS punches and my Cricut too!

The color scheme is so not "ME" but it is totally perfect for this party!!!!

I always make a book for Monkey's birthday so her Mom can fill it with pictures of how we celebrated her day - now it will be one book for two birthday girls!

This is the guest book portion - gotta love Teresa Collins for her pink journal paper!

The book isn't finished yet - Life got in the way again and I had to stop. But it has a great start!!!

So, this is what OVERLOAD, HORMONES, and being WITHOUT A CAR looks like in my world!!!!

What have you been up to lately?????

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