Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WHEW!!!! It was a Busy Week!

WARNING: Before you start to read this - you need to grab a drink and a snack! I will be doing a very "different" version of Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" tonight. Lots of photos and rambling going on here. Let's get started. . .

So, it's been awhile since I have checked in with everyone. Last we talked, I was "frozen". Luckily I have been thawed out now and am happily paying my bills and shopping again!
It's been a great week and an even better weekend!

Gary bought Monkey this bike - I think he forgot she was a girl. But either way Monkey loves it and loves having Bapa teach her how to ride it. She tells me "Amma, Bapa bought this (for)me" I love how simple kids are - and how happy and grateful they are for everything you do.

Look at that face - pure joy!
A little role reversal as Bapa takes a turn while Monkey keeps him steady

This past week I asked my Mom to keep Monkey at her house for a few days so I could get some sewing done (remember I am doing the new baby's nursery). So, I set everything up in the dining room and sewed almost all week! I got quite a bit done but there is LOTS more to do!
I had great company while I sewed. . . the Carrie and the gals from Sex in the City hung out with me all week! Six seasons of "Sex" DVD's in this pretty pink box. I love this show and I loved the 1st movie - can't wait to see #2 - how about you? We are back to using our monthly dinner menus here - so in between the "Sex" and the sewing I was cooking. I made some great fajitas one day and as I looked at the peppers and tomatoes - I just thought how pretty they are - had to take a picture.
Thursday was an "exciting" day around here. I was busily sewing and the phone rang as I was talking on the phone I looked down at the floor and saw something moving. . .it was a magot!!! I shivered a bit and then killed it. Then I looked around a bit more and found more, then more and then MORE!!!! Time to get off the phone and call my "Bug Husband" Ron (my exterminator - I love him - he's great!) Well, they weren't really magots he assured me but some sort of moth larvae that probably came in with the new bag of dog food. But this sent me into "Nurotic Marta" mode and I had to get rid of those things and clean every inch! So I threw out any opened food, washed out all of my containers (yes, I put EVERYTHING in clear plastic containers) took out the shelf liners, washed everything down, moved all of the furniture outside and scrubbed the floors! Six hours later I was done and free of these disgusting critters!
Friday I got my Banking all settled and was able to go shopping to replace all of the food I threw away and replaced the offending dog food. It felt so good to shop again!

Saturday was photo shoot day. I just love this gal - this is her second baby and the second pregnacy my camera and I have gotten to be part of. She is just so cute and up for anything I want to try. Poor thing was getting so hot (even though we started early - it was already getting hot) so we moved our shoot from the paths at the park to the opening of the tunnel. I loved what we got there. I hope she will too.
Of course there was more sewing on Saturday too - still not done.
Sunday was really FUN!!! It was Tim Holtz Day!
This was my 1st Tim Class and everything I have heard about his classes was true. I highly recomend you take one if you get the chance.
Look at all of these treasures we had to choose from while creating our project!!!! It was a varitable buffet of vintage goodness!
This is Tims project sample - the class was called "The Artful Curio" Isn't it cool!
Yeppers - this is me with Tim - gotta get the photo taken if you take a class. . .Right?
Okay this is My version of the project. . .
I have to say I am trilled with it!
Of course I didn't come close to finishing in class (7 hour class!) but when I got home at 8pm I kissed my hubby and headed into my studio. At 4am I emerged almost done and completely thrilled with my creation!
Each little niche represents a facet of my life from my childhood till now. My relationships with my God and my Husband. The things I love and my interests and talents.
Look at all of the fun dangly things - love it!
And how about those feet!!!
Click on the photo below if you want to see more detailed photos
Just a couple of hours of sleep and time to get up and have MORE FUN!!! Monday was my day to spend with my dearest friend (and my old next door neighbor of 14years). How I miss her! When we were neighbors we saw each other everyday and spent hours and hours talking, crafting, crying, praying and all of the things that true friends do. It has been months since we have gotten together and this was our day. We sat on her patio from 1:00 - 10:00 just gabbing about everything and anything. I really miss her hubby John too and he sat with us for quite sometime time and it was great fun to have those political debates that John and I like to have. I took my camera with me so that I could get pictures of her new house adn us together and the camera never made it out of the bag. There was just too much to catch up on.
I must say this was probably one of the best weeks I have had inages. I was creative all week. I worked with some paper early on in the week (no pix of that project yet) I sewed, I took pictures and had some fun editing. Then there was the class and finishing that up at home and so much more. I spent time with my dear family and friends. I shopped, watched movies and listened to music and just fed my soul all week.
I hope you all had a great week too and enjoyed your holiday weekend as much as I did.


Eva said...

Glad to see your post I was beginning to get worried about you. So enjoyed reading this and LOVED the curio! I liked yours much better than the sample. Looks like a ton of fun to make. Thanks for sharing with us.

Coleen said...

Nice job on the curio box Marta. Just catching up on what you've been doing. Coleen from Mini-books.