Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

I have been trying to get here sooner to update on my goings on - but sadly have not found the time. But I am here tonight, taking a short break from cleaning and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. We will be celebrating here tomorrow with family and new friends. Lizzy's boyfriend Addison will be joing us for dinner, as will his parents. We really like Addison and are happy to share our holiday table with him. We haven't gotten to meet his parents yet, but are looking forward to meeting them. Bryanna and Darwing and my Monkey will be away this year. They will be celebrating in Northern Calif with Darwin's family. I will miss the three of them terribly! Mom is dog sitting for them so she wont arrive until right before dinner. So there are new things happening at our very "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. After dinner we will decorate our tree and eat pie and comissorate about how we all ate too much. It's tradition you know.
I hope you all will be enjoying your holiday with family and friends, old or new. And that you will be remembering ALL of the wonderful things we have to be thankful for this year. God bless you friends. I will be back soon.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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