Tuesday, April 21, 2009


WOW!!!! Can you believe it was 102 out today!!!!!
You gotta love AZ! Well, it was so hot by 10:30am that Monkey actually burned her little bum on her trike. So I grabbed her up and put her in the car and headed off to Target for one of our famous "Spontaneous Adventures". I bought her a garden hose and a sprinkler. Isn't that what all good Gramies buy their 20month old granddaughters? I just loved playing in the sprinkler when I was a kid and it was such a quick easy way to cool off during our hot summers. We have an automatic sprinkler system set on a timer which is a pain in the butt to over-ride so, I just bought her her very own and I don't have to mess with the timers or screw up Gary's watering cycle. She wasn't quite sure what to do at first but after I ran through it (fully dressed) a few times she figured it out and really enjoyed herself! I took a bunch of pix and I just had to share at least one with you here.

After the sprinklers "Uncle Larry" broke out the whipped cream. I walked in and caught her feeding it to Monkey straight out of the can! Damage was already done, so I had her do it again so that I could get a picture. She was more than happy to let "Uncle Larry" squirt that sweet stuff into her mouth again for a picture!

Those of you that are here in town, I hope you found something cool and refreshing to do on our first 100+ day of the year.

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