Monday, October 7, 2013

It's FALL Ya'll

Well it is a week later than I planned but I finally got my Fall decorations out. Fall is my most favorite season of them all. I just adore all of the rich colors of the season and the refreshing weather after such an intensely HOT summer season. I could actually live in a home that was decorated for Fall all year long!
I certainly don't "over-do" the Fall decorations and they are all Fall - no Halloween decorations, but I sure do love them. I just figured I'd give you a peek at what is looks like around here now.
 This is when you first walk in the door. The containers are there on the pony wall all year long, they just get filled up at this time of year. It's hard to see them, but I have my china pumpkins out on the dining room table and the big cornucopia and other nick nacks in the pass-through. 
 This is between the dining room and the living room. I usually put my scarecrow by the window at the front door, but this year I decided this little nook between the piano and the china cabinets would be the perfect place for a little Fall vignette. The pumpkins are all fake and purchased last year after the holidays for 80% off! The rake head is old an rusty - a gift from my Doodle when we bought our first house 26 years ago! I just popped a little sunflower on it today and added some burlap ribbon. 

 These two pumpkins were made for my girls to hang on their front doors this year. The top one is Bryanna's - she likes the more "whimsy" colors, and the bottom one is for Lizzy who likes a more warm and primitive feel. I think it is funny that my Bug calls their pumpkin the LaLa Loopsey pumpkin. Once she said it I realized she was absolutely right - it does look like a  LaLa Loopsey pumpkin!

Lizzy's pumpkin has been hanging in my living room by the piano waiting for her to pick it up. When my Mom came home today and saw I had decorated she said "you can't give Liz her pumpkin now - it looks perfect there". So I guess I will be cutting up another pumpkin tomorrow so that we will have one too. 

This is the living room - not much in here 'cept a couple little rag scarecrows and some of my pumpkins I made last year. I will be adding my candy corn banner to this wall but I need to go pick it up from the store first. 

So, tell me, what do you do for decorations around your house this time of year????
Till we meet again. . . 

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