Saturday, April 30, 2011

Past, Present & Future - part two. . .

In June of 2009 I taught a class called "Past, Present & Future" I really liked this project and enjoyed teaching it. I still occasionally get it off of the shelf and take a peek.

A few weeks ago a friend asked for the directions on how to make this book, I gave them to her and she made the book. She then brought it to our Year in the Life quarterly meeting to show me - it was beautiful - she did a great job. While she was showing me the other gals started admiring it as well. Next thing you know they were asking me to teach the class again.

So here is my new 2011 model of Past, Present & Future. . .

Notice the 3 clocks on the cover (for Past, Present & Future - how clever). I used the new "Time" line by Bo Bunny. These are some beautiful papers!

The left side of the book is my "Present & my Future" with photos of my family . It has a pull-out that gives you a place to make note of who is in the photo and what their relationship is to you.

The right side of the book is my "Past" and is a gatefold type of signature - one side for your Mother's side of the family, and one side for your Father's.

When you get to the back you get a set of fan, group charts to document the generational lists for both sides of your family. If you want to see more details just click on the first photo of the new book.

This will be taught on Friday - May 27th from 5:30 - 9pm at The Creative Quest.

Thank you to my ladies that already signed up without even seeing the sample first. Enjoy your weekend friends!

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