Monday, March 8, 2010

Just FIVE Months till I see London!!!!

That's right - just FIVE short months! I can barely wait!
I helped Monkey pick out 2 outfits today for London - they are really cute.
Oh wait, I am not going to London the city. London is the name of my newest Granddaughter! That's right - IT's A GIRL!!!!
We just found out today. I am so Glad that my daughter and her husband let me be such a big part of their lives. I got to go with them today to the ultrasound appointment. Here is teh first family photo with London in it. That's her in the photo my daughter is holding.

I hope you all had a great day - I know I did! But now I am tired so it's time to go chill.

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Eva said...

Oh Marta, I'm so happy for you all!! I know you will enjoy this new grandbaby. I bet Monkey is excited. Everytime I look at her pictures I see my older girls. They could be sisters. Also, I LOVE that name. I too thought you were traveling. lol