Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Sweet Taste of Summer

Every day I treat myself to at least one chocolate ice cream cone - sometimes two! I have been waiting for the time when Bryanna gave me the go ahead for Monkey to have ice cream with me. Today she got to have her 1st ice cream cone! After months of watching me eat one everyday, she knew exactly what to do with it when I handed it to her. And she made short work of the tastey treat! Of course I joined her as she experienced this first delicious culinary delight. I also made sure my camera was loaded and ready to capture every moment of this monumental part of her young life!

I found these mini cones at the grocery store. I have to use a portion scoop (a little bigger than a melon baller) to fill them. They are the perfect size for her small hands.

Look at that face! She is lovin' this and thinking I am the greatest Gramie on earth! LOL

No coaching needed - she knew exactly what to do with this!

Not wanting to miss out on any part of that last bite - she shoves it all the way in!

It was time for bath #2 in less than 30 minutes now! Mom went ahead and bathed her BEFORE the ice cream cone even though I told her I was going to bathe her AFTER the ice cream! Oh Well. All I can say is "That's the way to enjoy chocolate"!!!!!!!!

I hope you found something to endulge in today!

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