Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Was Driving That Truck. . .

That ran over me several times last night???

WOW! I hate waking up feeling like that is what happened to me in my sleep! I am so achey and tired today. As I said on Saturday, we had Monkey overnight. She was so sweet all night, but unfortunately she woke up about 12:30am with a terrible tummy ache and us two girls were up until 3:30am! Once I got her back to bed and things cleaned up I went to bed. Guess who woke back up at 6:00am? That's right, my little Monkey! I can see now why God has 20 year olds having babies, not 40 year olds (well, anyways for the most part).

Sunday was a full day too. The kids came out to spend Father's Day. We spent a lot of time at the pool (did I mention it was 111 degrees outside?) and we BBQ'd steaks (boy were they good!). Bryanna went through my little cookbook that I made for us and picked out a cake she wanted me to make for her. I got that all made after they left , cleaned up the kitchen and did some other putzing around and finally got into bed at 12:30.

I have a big list of "TO-DO" items today - we will see if this "old lady" gets any of them done!
So how was your weekend? Did you guys do anything wonderful?

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